Tips to find investors for your startup

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On average around 6.5 million new businesses are started each year. 

This number is growing even more as people are looking for methods for self-employment and to start a project of their own. 

This number of new businesses per year would have been even bigger had all the ideas found investors to back them up. 

Businesses help the economy grow and create an environment of competition that results in better quality of products and better prices. 

To make sure that everyone with an idea gets a chance to bring it to fruition we have put together this blog post to help startups find investors. 

Take a look.

Find the funds online

With the advent of the internet and its use for business purposes, it has become possible to find funds for a project online. 

There are a few very good platforms that have been designed solely for this purpose.

You can pitch to the general public your idea through Kickstarter. Or if you are looking to find equity investment you can look into AngelList, StartEngine, or Wefunder. These are not the only ones out there though. 

A little research will probably show you more and you can go with one that you think will be best for your business or which is the most suited to it.

Reach out to business schools

A lot of business schools have some really good programs to support businesses. Plus, they are usually aware of investors in most industries. So, there is a big chance that you will find support with them. 

If you can find a program that is usually a great option because that way you know the resource is credible and things are done in a systematic way.

Networking in the industry

This might be a little nerve-racking for some but meeting people from the industry and pitching your idea casually to relevant people in order to find a suitable investor is a method that has existed for quite some time and has worked too. 

So depending on the industry you are planning to join, see if you know someone or have a connection that can serve as your introduction to potential investors.

Starting small

If you have some funds to start your venture off, no matter how small the scale, do it. 

Not only does it serve as your introduction to the world it also serves as a great element in your pitch to serious investors. There is no match to being able to prove that people are interested in your product. 

Also, it shows you if it is a worthwhile idea too so you can clean up your strategy and be prepared when you finally do get an investor. 

This can also lead to people learning about you and showing interest themselves to support your business by investing in it. 

We hope this has given you an idea or two about how you can kick start your dream business venture. 

Good luck!

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