Benefits of Facebook Ads

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Digital marketing trends and strategies are always changing. And it might seem like as soon as you catch up to one trend, it has already evolved. 

If you are a digital marketer you surely have heard about Facebook ads. So are they any good? Do they work? And are they still relevant in this pandemic ridden time?

In this blog post we are answering these questions among others. 

Let’s get right into it. 

Benefits of Facebook Ads

Find your customers where they spend most time

Facebook, as a social media platform, is the most widely used. 80% of all internet users, use Facebook. 

This means no matter who your target audience is, unless it’s babies, you will most likely find it on Facebook. It doesn’t matter what country or what region you are from and where your target audience is from. 

They don’t spend too much time watching cable or reading the paper. So spend your money where advertising will be most effective. 

Facebook knows what they like

Facebook has all the data you need as an advertiser. It won’t just show your ad to everyone. It will only show it to those who it knows might be interested based on the demographic information you feed into it. 

It is a very efficient and smart way to run ads. It increases efficiency and decreases cost, which brings us to our next point. 

Target the right people

Facebook uses targeted ads. So if you want it to be effective do your research and the platform will deliver. 

Find out who is an eager purchaser of a product like the one you are selling. Who are these made for? And then give that information to Facebook. 

Because of all the profiles present and all the information that users share with the platform, it will help you find your targeted audience. 

Paying for ad’s performance

With Facebook ads, you are not just paying a big amount to a channel or news group and then hoping that interested people will see it.

With Facebook ads, you are paying for performance!

You only have to pay if someone sees your ad or if they click it. This means engagement. Even when the engagement is only happening with their eyes you do have a potential buyer’s attention. 

With Facebook ads there is a much better chance of you getting advertising right and reaping rewards in the shape of traffic and conversions than the traditional promotional outlets. This is a lot more efficient.

This hopefully will have helped you make up your mind about whether or not Facebook ads are for you. 

You can always start with a smaller campaign and then find your footing gradually.

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