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The Importance of a Well-Made FAQ Page

Category: Brand Identity|Business Research|Customer service|Digital Marketing|Target Audience

While the trend these days is to cut down on website text, you should not be compromising on information.  When […]

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Importance of brand personality in digital marketing

Category: Brand Identity|Business Strategies|Digital Marketing|social media marketing|Strategies|Target Audience

Think about the brands that impressed you with a marketing campaign. All the campaigns that you remember and the brands […]

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Digital marketing for seniors: Is it possible?

Category: Business Strategies|Digital Marketing|social media marketing|Strategies|Target Audience

There is a lot of material and research on marketing strategy to appeal to the youth, but not nearly enough […]

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Business to Consumer Marketing: The Basics

Category: Business Strategies|Digital Marketing|Startup Business|Strategies|Target Audience

There are two types of marketing that is mainly carried out by businesses. These two types include: B2B Marketing (Business […]

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Google Gallery Ads: What to expect

Category: Business Strategies|Digital Marketing|PPC advertising|SEO|Strategies|Target Audience

Google Gallery Ads are just around the corner and they claim to increase search engagement by 25%.

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Create more leads with the right digital marketing

Category: Business Strategies|Digital Marketing|Innovation|Questionnaire|Strategies|Surveys|Target Audience

Create more leads with the right digital marketing 65% of businesses consider lead generation to be their main problem 74% […]

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Working Smart: Advertisement and Promotion

Category: Business Strategies|Digital Marketing|Startup Business|Target Audience

This article is dedicated to ‘Promotion’ out of the marketing mix. Let’s jump right in and discuss some of the […]

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The Marketing Mix

Category: Business Strategies|Digital Marketing|Marketing|Target Audience

The marketing mix consists of 4 P’s. They are: ⦁ Product ⦁ Price ⦁ Promotion ⦁ Place Although these terms […]

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