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Ideas for your next social media campaign

Category: Brand Identity|Brand Strategies|Case Study|Digital Marketing

In 2020, the number of people active on social media globally was 3.96 billion. In 5 years there has been […]

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The Importance of a Well-Made FAQ Page

Category: Brand Identity|Business Research|Customer service|Digital Marketing|Target Audience

While the trend these days is to cut down on website text, you should not be compromising on information.  When […]

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Importance of brand personality in digital marketing

Category: Brand Identity|Business Strategies|Digital Marketing|social media marketing|Strategies|Target Audience

Think about the brands that impressed you with a marketing campaign. All the campaigns that you remember and the brands […]

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What is the purpose of digital marketing on social media?

Category: Brand Identity|Customer service|Digital Marketing|Social Media|social media marketing|Strategies|Uncategorized

Why exactly are companies pouring in millions of dollars into social media marketing? What is the point of using social […]

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What is the role of social media in marketing?

Category: Brand Identity|Customer service|Digital Marketing|Social Media|social media marketing|Strategies

Social media can be used for a number of different reasons by different people. Here’s how you can use these […]

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Launching your Business: Finding Yourself

Category: Brand Identity|Business Research|Business Strategies

Just like we, as individuals, put in thought and effort into how we want the world to perceive us, brands […]

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Brand Identity: What’s in a Name?

Category: Brand Identity|Business Strategies|Creativity

When you’re new, first impressions could make the difference between success and failure. Your first introduction to the world and […]

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